Backtalk Bird Compendium

So for over a year, every Tuesday (and sometimes many other days of the week), we have had Tweet Tuesday, a series about birds. At the beginning, I was basically just posting pictures that I thought were pretty but as time went on, I became interested in a variety of issues including avian intelligence, conservation, migration and various cultural practices. As a result, I have cultivated a decent amount of online resources which I will share with you and add to as I go forward. I haven’t even included all the stuff that come out of zoos and wildlife conservation sites.

Black kite from Wikipedia Commons, the most bad ass bird ever

Let’s look.

Websites: It is probably the most well know of all the bird sites.

Grrl Scientist: A scientist writer who used to be at the Guardian and is now at Forbes

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology: Lots of great stuff for both adults and kids.

Birdlife International: International Organization for preservation and education about birds.

Birdwatch: British people like looking at birds

Ebird: Primarily used as a data base to record observations

Avibase: One of several bird data bases done by citizen-scientist collaborations

Sci-News: General Science news but will have some coverage about birds as part of general animal coverage.

National Geographic: That website of that magazine that you read so much as a kid.

Defenders of Wildlife: Dedicated to Conservation

The Birdist: A website about birding

Birdnote Radio: A website and radio about bird news and such

Wild about Britain: General nature site from UK

Birds of North America: A general collection of birds for people primarily who want to identify them

Coniferous Forest: Generally about Coniferous forest and the animals and plant that live within

Ray Brown’s Talkin’ Birds: WGBH’s Show about Birds and Birdwatching

Western Tanager from Coniferous

Twitter: Can be a great aggregator for news

Neotropical Bird of the Day

Birdnote Radio

Parrot of the Day



Bird Library: It’s not what you think it’ll be


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